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Gel Nails Extension System Full Cover Sculpted Clear Stiletto Coffin False Nail Tips 240pcs/bag

Gel Nails Extension System Full Cover Sculpted Clear Stiletto Coffin False Nail Tips 240pcs/bag

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🌟 Discover the Art of Flawless Gel Nails Extensions 🌟

Step into a world of elegance and sophistication with our Gel Nails Extension System - a seamless solution for creating the most stunning manicures. Embrace the magic of sculpted clear stiletto coffin false nail tips that offer a perfect fit for your natural nail bed, ensuring a lightweight and long-lasting experience. Get ready to elevate your nail game with ease and speed, thanks to our special soft gel nail extension system.

✨ Five Perfect Shapes for Your Style: Choose from our exquisite range of shapes, each crafted to perfection - Coffin Long, Coffin Medium, Stiletto Medium, Almond Medium, and Square Medium. Whatever your preference, our gel tips are tailor-made to create a striking statement on your fingertips.

🌈 Sizes to Suit All Nails: With sizes ranging from 0 to 11, our full cover gel tips are designed to fit small and wide nails effortlessly. Each bag contains 12 sizes, with 20 pieces of gel tips per size, amounting to a generous 240PCS gel tips.

💅 An Array of Captivating Colors: Dive into a world of nail artistry with our stunning range of colours. The clear gel tips add an element of understated elegance, while our color coffin tips are available in 10 sizes, with 20 pieces per size, for a total of 200PCS tips in one bag. Our love tips offer even more variety, with sizes 5 and 6 comprising 40 pieces each, and the other sizes containing 20 pieces per bag. A beautiful collection of 240PCS tips awaits you in one bag.

🎨 A Vivid Palette of Colors: Immerse yourself in a captivating selection of base natural and vivid colors, ready to add an artistic flair to your manicures. Choose the shade that reflects your mood and style, and let your nails become a canvas for self-expression.

⏰ Fast and Easy Application: Our full cover gel tips are pre-shaped to provide the ultimate convenience, ensuring a seamless fit and saving you precious time. The application process is fast and easy, enabling you to create salon-worthy nails from the comfort of your home.

🌟 Elevate Your Nails to New Heights: Gel Nails Extension System - your pathway to effortless elegance and limitless creativity. Explore the range of shapes, sizes, and colors, and let your fingertips shine with the brilliance of sculpted gel artistry. Reveal the artist within you, as you embrace the magic of our Gel Nails Extension System, and delight in the beauty of captivating nail art.


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